We always put the quality in every product we produce, we also use the services of experienced people in the production process, most of them have had experience working in Japan in the same job field. We thrive in the shade of the giant Japanese company Araya Industrial., Co. Ltd. This company which always has a flagship product, and they develop their production to Indonesia in steel pipe field.

There are some products that we currently production and many types of products that we are developing, some of the products we produce among other things round pipe, oval pipe and square pipe. Of every product there is a division based on the length and thickness of pipe, and we customize it according to customer requirements.

Most of our customers are the automotive and home appliance companies, they use our products as ingredients in the manufacture of their products, such as the manufacture of automobile frame, motorcycle frame, bike frame, the framework of the car seat, chairs, tables, beds, shelves, and other things which requires an steel pipe as its main ingredient.