Maintaining product quality is one of our main goals, that’s why we always make observations and research in order to produce a superior product. We make observations with various aspects, and with the technology of international standard. We want to make sure our products are the best.

Tensile Test Machine Tensile equipment used to test the strength of the pipe that has been produced, it would take several random samples to be tested.  Dimensional Checks Check the pipe dimensions, namely length, outside diameter, outer diameter, inside bead, and thickness.
Metal Flow Process: Pipe Cutting Pipe cut into small pieces for further processing at a later stage  Metal Flow Process: PolishingPolishing the pieces of pipe, and then observed. 
Metal Flow Process: Metal Flow Checks
Checking the structure of the pipe that has been rubbed with the help of special equipment (microscope). 
Metal Flow Process: Metal Flow Results

Metal flow results. 

Chemical composition Test Conduct testing for steel plate, to determine its chemical composition. Hardness Test

Analyzing the ability of a material to resist indentation load or penetration.